an interweaving
of artistic, academic and activist experiences . . .
of analytical activities and embodied explorations . . .

DOWNLOAD CV – Luke Jaaniste, The Ideas Whisperer

Hi there.
My name is Luke Jaaniste.

Ideas Whispering itself was whispered into existence as an interweaving of my experiences, skills and roles across the last two decades: 

a sonic-spatial-social artist, 
an immersive musician and composer,
an arts-and-innovation research fellow, 
a research methodology teacher, 
a philosophical scholar of living process, 
a behind-the-scenes supporter of activist and community organisations, 
a participant in an alternative schooling community,
a father.

Over this time I’ve worked with government organisations, university departments, research centres, arts collaborations, community groups and many individual creators, entrepreneurs and leaders.

And what have I discovered about myself in all this?

I love vast ambient expanses that are also granular in their textures and details. Give me the forest and every leaf. Give me the mountains and every nook and cranny. Share me your biggest dreams and smallest ums-and-ahs.

I am a fusion of highly analytical systems thinking and highly empathic embodied processes. When the mind needs to take the reigns, I follow it. When the rest of the body needs to lead the way, I let it.

My pattern-recognition abilities are super fast and broad. But I also like to slow when it counts. When research needs to be thorough, when ideas need to percolate, when the body needs to unwind and breathe.

I know about creative process and concept building, from the inside. I know about the joys and pleasures, as well as the confusions and challenges.

I’ve worked with hundreds of makers and thinkers, and can sense the shared dynamics, as well as see what is unique for any individual and situation.

Let’s work. Let’s play.